Welcome to the Website of the Imperial Grand Duchy of Drachensburgh

Being primarily a non-territorial Province of the Sovereign Empire of Arcadia, the Imperial Grand Duchy of Drachensburgh does not maintain any formal territorial claims. However, it does promote the idea that the Imperial Grand Duchy has extra-territorial status.

The Imperial Duchy of Drachensburgh, as a province of the Sovereign Empire of Arcadia, operates as an autonomous entity whose primary purpose is to benefit the direct progenitors of the Ancient Dragon Families and also to assist those whose bloodlines are affiliated with or are extracted from this descent.

The Dragon symbolizes the Divine Spirit that resides in the Heart of Every Being

The word dragon entered the English language in the early 13th century from the Latin "draconem" meaning "huge serpent, dragon," from the Greek word "drakon" neaning "serpent, giant seafish", which is believed to have come from an earlier stem "drak", a stem of derkesthai, "to see clearly," which in turn derives from Proto-the Indo-European "derk" "to see" or "the one with the dread glance." The old German word for Dragon, 'lindwurm', literally means 'snake-worm'. The ancient Anglo-Saxon word 'Wyrm' has been translated as meaning any of 'Dragon', 'Serpent', or 'Worm'.

Consequently, the distinctions between words that describe Dragons and Serpents are often blurred, and are to some degree interchangeable.

All over the World we see the Trail of the Serpent.
Serpent Worship in one form or another has appeared in every single culture in every corner of the Earth. The Serpent mounds of the American Indian, Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent and the carved-stone snakes of Central and South America, Python, the Great Snake of the Greeks, the Sacred Serpents of the Druids, Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent of Scandinavia, the Nagas of Burma, Siam, and Cambodia, the hooded Cobras of India, the Brazen Serpent of the Jews, the Mystic Serpent of Orpheus, the Serpents at the Oracle of Delphi, the Sacred Serpents preserved in the Egyptian Temples, the Uraeus coiled upon the foreheads of the Pharaohs, Queens, Priestesses and Priests, to name just a few.

Dragon Consciousness in its core essence, represents living in an ascended state of awareness.  Living in such an enlightened state elevates one's viewpoint, enables true understanding and  promotes peace of mind, naturally leads to elevation of Spirit which brings into harmonious existence a vibrant and dynamic social construct

The experience of Transcendent or Absolute Consciousness is extremely powerful, enabling the mind to experience the deepest level of its own intelligence, which includes the experience of directly communing with the innate intelligence evident everywhere in Nature.

This is known as accessing the Unified Field of Consciousness.
The techniques of Transcendence thus allow the individual mind to align itself at Source with all the Laws of Creation and indeed of Life itself .
This Path of Transformation has been variously called Initiation, High Magick and Alchemy, while the attainment itself has been called the Pearl of Great Price, the Philosophers' Stone and the Holy Grail

By attuning the individual with the Unified Field, Transcendent Consciousness leads to profound spiritual and personal growth.  In fact regular experience of Transcendental Consciousness does in fact dramatically improve both physical and mental functioning.
Vivification of  the common source of all the disparate aspects in the environment during the experience of Transcendent Consciousness by groups of peaceful individuals produces an easily measurable influence of Coherence and Harmony throughout Society.

The direct experience of the Unified Field of Natural Law during Transcendental Consciousness results in a state of  inner peace and  is known in Sanskrit as Samadhi ("unwavering mind"), or simply Turiya ("the fourth”).

Those who are able to achieve Transcendent Awareness or Dragon Consciousness are said to be self-actualized.  The concept of self-actualization is the closest modern psychology comes to the Ancients understanding of Enlightenment. People who are self-actualized are said to have realized (or actualized) more of their inner potential, as expressed in every area of life, including: integration and stability of personality, self-regard, emotional maturity, capacity for warm interpersonal relationships, and adaptive response to challenges.

The way we perceive our life often determines how our life experiences will manifest.
If we see our life as simply a trivial affair, we can easily fall into apathy and despair.
Seeing our life as being an integral part of a much larger picture markedly changes our perspective and assists us to forge a significantly enhanced life which in turn enables us to define our Destiny. We can then take an active part in our existence with excitement and passion, embracing the ideal that even inexplicably complicated occurrences have their roots in meaningful truths, not just in chance events, which presents us with whole new sets of choices and opportunities.

Therefore, an integral part of cultivating our spiritual potential is to view our personal life experience as part of something much larger and seeing the patterns of the great myths in our own journeys. This takes us out of the "personal" and puts us in touch with the "universal," lifts us to a higher more objective view, and gives us the ability to access a myriad of new possibilities.

The Spirit of the Draconian Tradition is more Ancient than human civilization itself, and as such has birthed many religious practices and traditions. Our goal is to not allow ourselves to be distracted by the mundane or for own work be so caught up in dogma and method that we lose sight of the Mystical Realms.